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Wow have you ever seen anyone back on their heels like this. Most defendants are instructed not to make any statements in public or talk about their cases. You know this guy is in deep trouble.

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Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery is really revolutionary. Although it seems dangerous in my opinion, it is better to get Lasik eye surgery than to not wear glasses. Many people damage their eyes more by refusing to wear glasses. The great thing about Lasik is that it poses a solution by those to vein to wear glasses or those whose eyes are constantly irritated by contact lenses. Personally if I need glasses I would wear them. But to each their own. I’m glad that technology has come so far that it can correct vision.


Today is another sad day in the United States when ABC news promotes the fact that 66% of Americans feel that it is ok for the NSA to tap our phones. What 66% of the population are they talking about. If they mean that 66% of Fido’s or 66% of people in comas or even 66% of people in mental institutions found the seizures of telephone records to be appropriate then I could understand the poll. But if they are polling fully cognitive American people, serious doubt should be shed on those figures. The NSA and the King of the United States need to take a step back and stop trampling the poor constitution.

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Las Vegas Hotels and Clubs and Flights of fantasy at the Mandalay Bay

I remember when I was a kid. Well I kinda still am a kid. Anyway when I was a few years younger I was a real cheapskate. I liked to go to the nightclubs in Vegas but I didn't like to pay. So I used to make the Casino pay. I loved Rumjungle at the Mandalay Bay and Club Light at the Bellagio. I would go up to the craps table and place a $20 bet on don't pass. Usually the person would crap out. I'd take my winnings and give the $20 to the club so that I didn't have to pay. I usually drank sprite when I was in the club, (can't get drunk, you never know what will happen in Vegas) because I used to party a lot by myself or with a couple of chicks. The bartenders would almost always give me Sprite for free. A lot of people say Rum Jungle has gone in the toilet. I don't know because I haven't been there in about a year in a half. I haven't been to Club Light in the same amount of time. One of these days I'll figure out the truth. Now adays I'm really interested in seeing what Club Pure at Caesar's Palace is all about in conjunction with Tryst at the Wynn Resort. Well I guess I'll catch you next time.

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Find the right Personal Injury Attorney - or Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are looking for a Criminal Defense Lawyer of a Personal Injury Lawyer then the first place you need to start looking is is a free directory of every practicing lawyer in the United States. You can narrow your search down by practice, where the lawyer graduated from, and a number of other factors. One of the worst mistakes you can make when choosing a lawyer is getting a lawyer that specializes in a practice that outside of your cases. For example: if you have a court case where you were hit by a city bus, you don’t need a lawyer that’s an expert at drug possession. You need a personal injury lawyer.

The next step is looking for an CV, BV, or AV rated lawyer. Not all lawyers have those ratings. Not even most. Only 12 % of lawyers have an AV rating. You can find a link to some Chicago personal injury lawyers with AV ranks by clicking on this link. Finally once you’ve contacted this lawyer don’t just settle for them. Visit 5 or 6 lawyers. You need someone that really cares about what they are doing and not just worried about the next buck. Talk to them. Have a list of questions prepared about your case. What is this lawyers success rate. If they are AV rated you really have nothing to worry about. Just do your homework and leave the rest in God’s hands.


David Blaine is not a failure. Just because you make a big showing of yourself and fail at an attempt doesn’t make you any less of a success. The fact that people are talking about David Blaine makes him a success. He is still a millionaire. He still has thousands of adoring fans.

The Yankees are the only team in baseball history to lose a world series that they led 3-0. Michael Jordan missed dozens of game winning shots. Muhammad Ali lost his last two fights. Thomas Edison failed over 10 thousand times before he came up with the light bulb. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison before he became the president of South Africa. The point is that just because you fail at one thing or many things doesn’t reduce a great person to a failure.

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I went to see Mission Impossible 3 a few days ago. It was an exciting movie. I will give it that. I go to sleep on a lot of movies. So who am I kidding, it has to be good if I stayed awake for it’s entirety. There is a lot of action. Some of the sequences are surprising, but it wouldn’t be a spy movie if they weren’t. I was a little disappointed when they exploded the Lamborghini Gallardo in the film. It was probably a kit car. Many of the action scenes are quite suspenseful. You are left thinking, “The hero may fail!” Anyway it was a great movie to see lots of chase scenes, lots of action, lots of suspense. It’s a good way to kick off the summer movie scene “Rabbits Foot” and all.

Las Vegas Flights and Las Vegas Hotels

Before I wrote this post I was looking at the website as it related to Las Vegas vaction packages. I saw a picture of the resort Monte Carlo. It made me reminice back to 2002 when I was 21 years of age. It was during a warm Las Vegas evening that I was at the Monte Carlo hotel just being a tourist and doiing a little gambling. I remember the evening distinctly. I used to wear alot of jewelry. I remember a middle age woman commenting "your watch doesn't have any metal in it" refering to all the stones in the bracelet. I was pretty flattered. I remember I used to wear suits every night when I went out because I never wanted to be held back from entering into a nightclub. The dresscodes used to be alot stricter than they are now at all the local hotspots. But I guess money rides over how a person is dressed. But Las Vegas was founded to make money.

Anyway I found my way over to the craps table as I usually do (it's really the only game I play despite the recent hysteria over poker). I remeber this guy next to me was shooting and winning alot of money. It's kind of strange that I even remember this. I can count on one hand how many times I've even been to the Monte Carlo.

Anyway there was a kid there at the dice table. He had just turned 21. There was an relatively attactive woman holding conversation with him. This kid was just really socially inept. They got into a conversation and this guy just started to degrade his own social status immediately. "Well I just tured 21. I don't really care about winning. My dad just gave me some money to gamble with. I don't really know what I'm doing. This is my first time here."

What rubbish! Get a clue. Las Vegas is a party town. This lady was in here late 20's or early 30's and she had a drink in her hand at a craps table by herself. This kid was clueless. What did he think her purpose was at the hotel that evening. She was dressed very nicely and was adorned with alot of expensive jewelry. But ultimately his self loathing killed the conversation. All I could think was what a dope.

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Going to Las Vegas is always an experience in itself. One of the first things you have to take care of are your travel preparations. If you are from Los Angeles you have a lot of ways to get there. There are plenty of charter buses that leave from different points in the city for little to nothing. You could also drive, but with present gas prices, that can provide to be especially expensive when you will have to refill your car at a gas station in Barstow (CA),`Baker (CA), or the Nevada State Line. You can check out the present prices by clicking on those links. The best thing to do is to reserve a flight. Even if you get your plane ticket the day of, flights to Las Vegas from Los Angeles are only $100 each way. But if you are not as spontaneous as the author, then go to Expedia or Southwest and reserve a ticket three weeks in advance and you can get a roundtrip for around $100. Plane flights leave nearly every 30 minutes out of LAX International Airport. The flight only takes about 45 minutes from gate to gate. Hope this helps you out. Viva Las Vegas.



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I'm a sucker for anything Las Vegas ...

It's seem that more and more television shows are taking place in Las Vegas. From CSI Las Vegas, Fear Factor, the Real World, Fresh Prince of Bel Air to Queer eye for the straight guy, Television show producers are readily filming their shows in Sin City for higher ratings and ready made backdrops.

On Tuesday, June 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, Bravo will launch the fourth season of the Emmy-award winning QUEER EYE. The premiere episode of the sixteen, one-hour episode run will feature a loving New York couple whose only opportunity to be married in a harmonious environment is to elope to Vegas, even if that means having an Elvis, Bond, or Rocky Horror-themed wedding with Carson Kressley as the officiant. Feather boas, pink poodles and poker chips abound as the Fab Five "make-better" the sloppiest straight guys on the strip in the first three episodes of the season, which feature everything from a fire-eating magician whose dog is an Elvis Impersonator, to a celebrity Vegas poker tournament that will raise thousands of dollars for charity."The first three seasons of QUEER EYE made an indelible mark on popular culture and captured the hearts and funny bones of loyal viewers throughout the world," said Frances Berwick, Senior Vice President, Programming and Production, Bravo. "Las Vegas is the perfect setting to kickoff this fourth season that brings the Fab Five face-to-face with an even broader range of make-better subjects like couples, families, and gay pride."Carson, Jai, Kyan, Ted and Thom will make Sin City their playground as they take their subjects on a whirlwind ride to hot spots that include Harrah′s, Caesar′s Palace and the Forum Shops, Bally′s, Cristophe Salon, Rio, Paris, Silverton Hotel and Casino, Todd English′s Olives restaurant, the World Market Center, and Aureole restaurant. The "Queens" of style will then "watch what happens" from their loft away from home in the Palms Hotel. Travelocity is also one of the leading partners integrated into all three episodes.


Las Vegas Resorts - Circus Circus

Las Vegas is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world. With over50 major, themed resort style hotels, how could such a place not become famous. Whether you’re a regular, or you’ve just seen Las Vegas on the travel channel, Las Vegas is one of the best places to take family and friends alike. With some of the best restaurants, shopping malls, nightclubs, auto dealerships, golf courses, amusement parks and live entertainment Vegas should appeal to you no matter your age, sex, or “political leaning" Check out the Las Vegas Web Cam!

My favorite resort in Las Vegas is Circus Circus . Circus Circus is located at 2880 Las Vegas Blvd S. in Las Vegas Nevada. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve stayed at the MGM Grand, Excalibur, Stratosphere, Frontier, The Westin (if you haven’t heard of this hotel you need to stay there), the Luxor ect, but Circus Circus was my first love because I’ve been going there since I was a child.

Circus Circus is the best place to stay if you have a family. I say this because Circus Circus has been accustom to dealing with minors in the a gambling atmosphere for over 30 years. Circus Circus has some of the best Hotel room prices in Las Vegas. They start out at $52 a night. Circus Circus is rated a 3 star hotel by Vegas standards, but in the reality it’s a 4 or 5 star Hotel.

Circus Circus has an indoor amusement park within the Hotel called the Adventuredome. The amusement park is a pink, glass, climate controlled dome with the only “indoor, double looping, double corkscrew rollercoaster” as the ad says. I’ve heard so many ads say that so many times I could never forget it. They also have a water ride which is much like Splash Mountain if you’ve been to Disneyland. There are bumper cars, an arcade, laser tag, a ferris wheel, a ride called the Inverter which flips you upside down while you are 3 or 4 stories in the air. Several times a day they have clown acts in the front of the park. There are also Midway games that are much like a county fair where you can win 3 feet tall stuffed animals. There is also an 18 hole miniature golf course and rock climbing. The park also has videogames throughout it. You can visit the park and see all of it for free. In order to ride all the rides you have to buy a general admission armband for $23. Once you do that you can ride all the rides as many times as you wish. The park is open from 10-6 on weekdays and 10am – midnight on weekends.

Circus Circus has over 8 restaurants within the hotel. Truthfully I just go to the Buffet. It has more than enough choices to fill up an army. But if you are looking for fine dining, you can go to the SteakHouse. The SteakHouse was voted the best steak in Las Vegas for 12 years running. Reservations are required and you should probably wear a suit jacket if you wish to be admitted. I’ve never been there but it always gets rave reviews in the Las Vegas review Journal, What’s On and a number of other publications.

Another feature inside of Circus Circus, are the circus acts. Manner performs from around the world, including people who have worked for Ringling Brothers have performed under the big top at Circus Circus. There are comedy acts, people who walk the high wire, the flying trapeze, people who do stunts on stilts and a number of other performances. Surrounding the circus acts are the Midway. The midway has a number of carnival games and a giant video game arcade featuring some of the latest videogames in the country.

If you are a teenager this is the place to be in Las Vegas. It’s a hot spot for people in their teens to hang out and hook up. As you stroll through the hotel you will see many teenagers, especially during spring break and other holidays. The security is tight in Circus Circus as it is an any Las Vegas hotel. But the casino security is especially vigilant of minors under 21. Many children around the age of 10+ are left unattended in the hotel but there is always an eye on them even if their lousy parents aren’t watching them. Casino security will detain a child and find their parents if they are too young and seen wondering around by themselves. Actually, if you are young, Circus Circus is the safest place you could be in Las Vegas. That’s another reason why I like the hotel so much. They really look out for their customer’s safety. At Circus Circus the customers really are #1.

If you are looking to gamble Circus Circus has two casinos. There are plenty of slots. They also have 2 slots sections that have many $1000 payouts per day. In fact the slot section mentioned earlier have a 97.4% payback. They have a lot of black jack tables, and craps tables and a poker room. But if you are trying to be a high roller this really isn’t the place to go. But over all Circus Circus is a great resort and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

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Lasik Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery works by pulsing a tightly-focused beam of light (laser) onto the surface of the eye. Upon contact with the surface of the cornea, the laser vaporizes a microscopic portion of the cornea (more on this later). By controlling the size, position and number of laser pulses, the surgeon can precisely control how much of the cornea is removed.
LASIK combines the best features of ALK and PRK (see above). Like ALK, LASIK uses a microkeratome to create a "flap" of the outer corneal tissue that can be folded out of the way and then replaced. Once the flap is folded out of the way, LASIK uses the same Excimer laser used in PRK to reshape the underlying corneal tissue. Then the flap is replaced over the reshaped area and conforms to the new shape.
The great thing about the cornea is how quickly it heals. As soon as that flap is replaced, it begins to naturally seal itself to the rest of the cornea. This approach greatly speeds the overall healing process when compared to PRK, which leaves the reshaped area open.
Of course, there are potential problems with LASIK. The three most common problems are:
Undercorrection - Not enough tissue is removed during the procedure.
Overcorrection - Too much tissue is removed during the procedure.
Wrinkling - The corneal flap has a small fold or wrinkle in it when it is replaced, causing a small blurry area in your vision. Under most circumstances, each of these problems is easily corrected with a second surgical procedure. If the undercorrection or overcorrection is very slight, the surgeon will most likely advise the patient not to attempt to refine his or her vision any further. In fact, many recipients of laser eye surgery never achieve normal vision but are able to reduce their corrective-lens prescription significantly.

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Find a personal injury Lawyer - Attorneys Nationwide Part 1

Before your imagination runs wild, remember: this is just another consumer transaction. Although sometimes couched in mystery, hiring a lawyer is really no different from finding a hairdresser-without-scalper syndrome or an auto mechanic who knows a distributor from a drive shaft. Knowing what you're looking for is crucial. But first you need to figure out what your problem is. Some night when the kids are immersed in multiplication tables and there's nothing good on cable, sit down with a yellow pad and ask: what kind of situation do I have? Is it fairly straightforward, like incorporating your ice cream parlor, or more complex, like becoming the legal guardian for your 90-year-old great-aunt? Write the problem out in your own words. Describe how it arose, what stage it's in now, and what outcome you'd like. This brainstorming will help in the hunt for Clarence (Clarencia?) Darrow. Naturally, every problem isn't subject to leisurely analysis (example: your 17-year-old son calls from the police station, where he's being booked for driving while intoxicated.) But most allow at least some time to plan a strategy. Once you've done that, don't delay. Take action. Attorney Tom Sobecki, who practices employment, discrimination and civil right law, in Toledo, cautions that, "Often the client sees the attorney too late."
" If a prospective client seeks legal advice as soon as they perceive there's a problem, in the long run it will often save lots of aggravation and expense," Sobecki says.
Once you have a handle on your type of legal problem and decide a lawyer is the solution, it's time to find one. Where do you look? How do you find one who's both competent and easy to work with?


Las Vegas Hotels

I was thinking about heading out to Las Vegas recently. If I do I'm going to stay at the Wynn Resort. There are so many things that have changed in Las Vegas since I have been there. They opened up a club at Ceasar's Palace - Pure. They redisigned the Fashion Show Mall. There are several apartment condominiums being built throughout Las Vegas. I want to see all this. It's been a long time. Oh well. Let's see what today brings.