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Las Vegas Resorts - Circus Circus

Las Vegas is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world. With over50 major, themed resort style hotels, how could such a place not become famous. Whether you’re a regular, or you’ve just seen Las Vegas on the travel channel, Las Vegas is one of the best places to take family and friends alike. With some of the best restaurants, shopping malls, nightclubs, auto dealerships, golf courses, amusement parks and live entertainment Vegas should appeal to you no matter your age, sex, or “political leaning" Check out the Las Vegas Web Cam!

My favorite resort in Las Vegas is Circus Circus . Circus Circus is located at 2880 Las Vegas Blvd S. in Las Vegas Nevada. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve stayed at the MGM Grand, Excalibur, Stratosphere, Frontier, The Westin (if you haven’t heard of this hotel you need to stay there), the Luxor ect, but Circus Circus was my first love because I’ve been going there since I was a child.

Circus Circus is the best place to stay if you have a family. I say this because Circus Circus has been accustom to dealing with minors in the a gambling atmosphere for over 30 years. Circus Circus has some of the best Hotel room prices in Las Vegas. They start out at $52 a night. Circus Circus is rated a 3 star hotel by Vegas standards, but in the reality it’s a 4 or 5 star Hotel.

Circus Circus has an indoor amusement park within the Hotel called the Adventuredome. The amusement park is a pink, glass, climate controlled dome with the only “indoor, double looping, double corkscrew rollercoaster” as the ad says. I’ve heard so many ads say that so many times I could never forget it. They also have a water ride which is much like Splash Mountain if you’ve been to Disneyland. There are bumper cars, an arcade, laser tag, a ferris wheel, a ride called the Inverter which flips you upside down while you are 3 or 4 stories in the air. Several times a day they have clown acts in the front of the park. There are also Midway games that are much like a county fair where you can win 3 feet tall stuffed animals. There is also an 18 hole miniature golf course and rock climbing. The park also has videogames throughout it. You can visit the park and see all of it for free. In order to ride all the rides you have to buy a general admission armband for $23. Once you do that you can ride all the rides as many times as you wish. The park is open from 10-6 on weekdays and 10am – midnight on weekends.

Circus Circus has over 8 restaurants within the hotel. Truthfully I just go to the Buffet. It has more than enough choices to fill up an army. But if you are looking for fine dining, you can go to the SteakHouse. The SteakHouse was voted the best steak in Las Vegas for 12 years running. Reservations are required and you should probably wear a suit jacket if you wish to be admitted. I’ve never been there but it always gets rave reviews in the Las Vegas review Journal, What’s On and a number of other publications.

Another feature inside of Circus Circus, are the circus acts. Manner performs from around the world, including people who have worked for Ringling Brothers have performed under the big top at Circus Circus. There are comedy acts, people who walk the high wire, the flying trapeze, people who do stunts on stilts and a number of other performances. Surrounding the circus acts are the Midway. The midway has a number of carnival games and a giant video game arcade featuring some of the latest videogames in the country.

If you are a teenager this is the place to be in Las Vegas. It’s a hot spot for people in their teens to hang out and hook up. As you stroll through the hotel you will see many teenagers, especially during spring break and other holidays. The security is tight in Circus Circus as it is an any Las Vegas hotel. But the casino security is especially vigilant of minors under 21. Many children around the age of 10+ are left unattended in the hotel but there is always an eye on them even if their lousy parents aren’t watching them. Casino security will detain a child and find their parents if they are too young and seen wondering around by themselves. Actually, if you are young, Circus Circus is the safest place you could be in Las Vegas. That’s another reason why I like the hotel so much. They really look out for their customer’s safety. At Circus Circus the customers really are #1.

If you are looking to gamble Circus Circus has two casinos. There are plenty of slots. They also have 2 slots sections that have many $1000 payouts per day. In fact the slot section mentioned earlier have a 97.4% payback. They have a lot of black jack tables, and craps tables and a poker room. But if you are trying to be a high roller this really isn’t the place to go. But over all Circus Circus is a great resort and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.


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