Saturday, May 06, 2006


Going to Las Vegas is always an experience in itself. One of the first things you have to take care of are your travel preparations. If you are from Los Angeles you have a lot of ways to get there. There are plenty of charter buses that leave from different points in the city for little to nothing. You could also drive, but with present gas prices, that can provide to be especially expensive when you will have to refill your car at a gas station in Barstow (CA),`Baker (CA), or the Nevada State Line. You can check out the present prices by clicking on those links. The best thing to do is to reserve a flight. Even if you get your plane ticket the day of, flights to Las Vegas from Los Angeles are only $100 each way. But if you are not as spontaneous as the author, then go to Expedia or Southwest and reserve a ticket three weeks in advance and you can get a roundtrip for around $100. Plane flights leave nearly every 30 minutes out of LAX International Airport. The flight only takes about 45 minutes from gate to gate. Hope this helps you out. Viva Las Vegas.


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