Monday, May 08, 2006

Las Vegas Flights and Las Vegas Hotels

Before I wrote this post I was looking at the website as it related to Las Vegas vaction packages. I saw a picture of the resort Monte Carlo. It made me reminice back to 2002 when I was 21 years of age. It was during a warm Las Vegas evening that I was at the Monte Carlo hotel just being a tourist and doiing a little gambling. I remember the evening distinctly. I used to wear alot of jewelry. I remember a middle age woman commenting "your watch doesn't have any metal in it" refering to all the stones in the bracelet. I was pretty flattered. I remember I used to wear suits every night when I went out because I never wanted to be held back from entering into a nightclub. The dresscodes used to be alot stricter than they are now at all the local hotspots. But I guess money rides over how a person is dressed. But Las Vegas was founded to make money.

Anyway I found my way over to the craps table as I usually do (it's really the only game I play despite the recent hysteria over poker). I remeber this guy next to me was shooting and winning alot of money. It's kind of strange that I even remember this. I can count on one hand how many times I've even been to the Monte Carlo.

Anyway there was a kid there at the dice table. He had just turned 21. There was an relatively attactive woman holding conversation with him. This kid was just really socially inept. They got into a conversation and this guy just started to degrade his own social status immediately. "Well I just tured 21. I don't really care about winning. My dad just gave me some money to gamble with. I don't really know what I'm doing. This is my first time here."

What rubbish! Get a clue. Las Vegas is a party town. This lady was in here late 20's or early 30's and she had a drink in her hand at a craps table by herself. This kid was clueless. What did he think her purpose was at the hotel that evening. She was dressed very nicely and was adorned with alot of expensive jewelry. But ultimately his self loathing killed the conversation. All I could think was what a dope.


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